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Use this website Broken Link Checker to spot the broken links on your website easily.

When you click on a link that's alleged to take you to a specific page, yet instead it takes you to a different page that shows a 404 error message - this is often called a broken link. Listed below are a number of the foremost common causes for a broken link:

  • The website is temporarily or permanently unavailable
  • The web page has been deleted
  • The web page Permalink was modified or changed
  • The web page was blocked by a firewall system or other types of software

Broken links make the very bad user experience, and may damage the reputation of website owners. It is sensible that having several broken links on an internet site is usually mentioned as “link rot” - because it's as bad because the phrase sounds.

Using this broken link checker will prevent the difficulty, and you'll be ready to keep the credibility of your website.

SEO Comrade tool will quickly locate any broken links on your website. In this manner you'll correct any errors immediately. It doesn’t require you to be an SEO expert or webmaster to use this tool because it's very user-friendly.

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