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Website Page Size Checker is one of the various SEO tools that SEO Comrade has developed over these years. this excellent tool, because the name suggests, maybe a page size checker which will be wont to know the page size of any specific URL. it's a magic tool that users can use to ascertain website size online.

If your website takes longer than usual to load then perhaps you'd wish to figure on the size of your website because it's going to result in a high bounce rate because the web users don’t tend to possess the patience to attend to the web page to open.

Mean small website size is estimated to be 12 KB which will load very quickly. The more media on a page like videos and podcasts, the larger the page size and therefore the slower it'll load.

Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash, and other kinds of media will increase your page size. First things first, it’s important for the health and performance of your website that you simply know the size of your website but the thanks to knowing the whole size of an internet site? That’s where a website page size checker or page size inspector comes into play.