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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

You can measure the speed of your website using this free Website Page Speed Test tool by SEO Comrade.

As a website owner you are require to check your site speed on regular basis as it is very important analyze your users experience.

We are aware that people have no time to switch multiple websites and get the information what they are looking for and they need all the info at one place instantly. That is why we have developed all SEO related tools in one website. 

It is our aim to assist website owners in analyzing the website load time and the way to enhance performance. This website page test tool can help you to find the list of pages which taking time to load on your website.

You do not require any coding skills to use this site speed test tool because it's very user-friendly. you'll only need to enter the URL that you simply want to run the page speed test, click on the “Check” button, and you'll get the results directly.

We wanted to supply all website owners and webmasters a really useful gizmo that will help them in optimizing their site and attracting more site visitors so we developed for users this page speed test tool.