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About Robots.txt Generator

Our Robots.txt Generator device is designed to assist webmasters, SEOs, and entrepreneurs generate their robots.txt documents barring a lot of technical knowledge.  Please be cautious though, as growing your robots.txt file can have a large have an impact on on Google being in a position to get admission to your website, whether or not it is constructed on WordPress or some other CMS.

Although our device is simple to use, we would endorse you familiarize your self with Google’s directions earlier than the usage of it. This is due to the fact fallacious implementation can lead to search engines like Google being unable to crawl indispensable pages on your web site or even your whole domain, which can very negatively affect your SEO. Let’s delve into some of the points that our on line Robots.txt Generator provides.

How to Create Your Robots.txt File

The first choice you’ll be introduced with is to enable or disallow all net crawlers to get admission to your website.  This menu permits you to figure out whether or not you desire your internet site to be crawled; however, there may additionally be motives why you would possibly pick now not to have your internet site listed via Google. The 2d choice you’ll see is whether or not to add your xml sitemap file. Simply enter its area inside this field. (If you want to generate an XML sitemap, you can use our free tool.)

Finally, you’re given the choice to block sure pages or directories from being listed through search engines. This is commonly accomplished for pages that don’t furnish any beneficial records to Google and users, such as login, cart, and parameter pages. When it is done, you can down load the textual content file.

After you have generated your robots.txt file, make positive to add it into the root listing of your domain.  For example, your robots.txt file have to show up at:

Generate your first robots.txt file with our device and let us recognize how it works for you.

What Is a Robots.txt File?

A robots.txt file is a surely simple, undeniable textual content structure file. Its core characteristic is to forestall sure search engine crawlers like Google from crawling and indexing content material on a internet site for SEO.

If you’re no longer sure whether or not your internet site or your client’s internet site has a robots.txt file, it’s convenient to check: Simply kind You’ll both discover an error web page or a easy layout page.  If you are the use of WordPress and you have Yoast installed, then Yoast can additionally construct the textual content file for you as well.