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If you're computer savvy, you'd skill to need a screenshot of the screen displayed on your pc. you'll even skill to need a screenshot on a smartphone and tablet. 

But taking a screenshot of an online site by visitors is different altogether. As an online site master, you'd possibly receive complaints from your customer that there’s some problem alongside your website which they think has been hit by malware or a plague or has been hacked. Or some function of the online site isn't displaying the page that it’s imagined to. 

Your first action would be to undertake and understand the matter by questioning the situation visitor. But what if the visitor doesn't understand your questions or is talking in a special language. Now you're faced with a real problem that you simply don’t have a ready-made solution. 

In such cases, your most suitable option would be to ask your visitor to need a screenshot of your site and mail it to you. But here you're presumably to hit another issue, which is that your visitor doesn't skill to need a screenshot to email to you.

 On some computers, you've to press the ‘ctrl button and thus the ‘prt sc’ button. On some, you've to press the ‘fn’ key and thus the ‘prt sc’ key to need a screenshot. 

On others, you've to press the ‘alt’ and thus the ‘prt sc’ buttons. If you're using the same brand of computer as your website visitor and he or she speaks the same language as you're doing, then it'd be easy. you'll explain the keys that they need to press to need a screenshot. If they're employing a special computer, you'll ask them to undertake different key combinations to need a screenshot.

 Now you've to elucidate to the visitor to open ‘paint’ if they're employing a Microsoft Windows-based machine and press ‘paste’ to stay the captured screen into it, and reserve it and mail it to you. But if the visitor is using an Apple computer, the paint application would vary.

All these steps could be quite overwhelming for an online site visitor to follow and for you to elucidate. So your most suitable option would be to travel to the situation and examine the matter, which could lead to a special problem. 

If you're trying to elucidate the thanks to doing a print screen download or take an online site screenshot online, your visitor is presumably going to stop chatting or talking with you and leave your website. 

In such cases, if you value your customer you need to ask them or email them to copy/paste use it, and download the file and email it to you. it'll be the only solution to convey to your customer and quickly see what the matter is that he or she is facing on your website.