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The code to text ratio denotes the share of visual text on a specific website . This Code to Text Ratio Checker calculates the share of the content ratio supported text and HTML code. this is often what search engines and crawlers use to spot the relevancy of an internet page. Text to HTML ratio checker compared the quantity of text with the HTML code of the page.

The Code to Text Ratio is that the percentage of the particular text that a specific website has. Higher Text to HTML ratio indicates a far better user experience.

Having a high text-to-code ratio will help increase the prospect of your website getting a far better rank in program results. Most search engines use the code to text ratio, so it gives you a number one advantage over your competitors and across all search engines once you have a better text to HTML ratio on your website.

Hence, it'll make the user experience unsatisfactory because most website visitors have a really low tolerance for slow page loading speed.

This is the rationale why we've developed this code to text ratio tool. it's capable of extracting text from paragraphs also because the anchor text from HTML code on a page, then calculates the content ratio.