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You can always test the features of your website using different formats because this tool can check website screen resolution for desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and even for television.

Our responsive website checker is extremely easy to use, all you've got to try is to copy/paste your website URL into the space provided then choose the screen resolution that you simply wish to try; then, click on “Check”. you'll be redirected to a special page for the result.

This is often extremely useful when checking for tablet and mobile resolutions.

How Does Screen Resolution Effect Your Website

The screen resolution of an internet site plays a crucial part within the final look of an internet site. If your website’s screen resolution isn't done correctly, it'll greatly affect the general appearance of your website.

Hence, the viewers won't find it appealing which may also cause a negative user experience.

So, if you are not satisfied with this look of your website and you think that that that it needs some adjustments, try our free online website screen resolution simulator tool. you'll try all you would like because there's no limit to using our responsive web design tester.

With this responsive website checker, you've got free-hand in adjusting the planning of your website while viewing it using different devices. It helps you save tons of your time than performing on the adjustments manually because this free online website screen resolution tool can roll in the hay for you in only a snap.

To use this tool effectively, you merely need to provide your website’s URL and choose your required resolution for viewing then you'll proceed to the specified adjustments.